PPI Rubber Tie Pads: the right choice for long-lasting concrete panel installationsRubber Tie Pads

PPI’s rubber tie pads have been designed to increase the performance life of preformed concrete panels that are often installed as a rail highway grade crossing surface. The dampening system interfaces between the preformed concrete surface panels and the wood or concrete railroad ties. Unlike solid rubber pads, the patented rubber dampening system has been engineered to provide optimal resilience and dampening characteristics for this demanding application.



PPI Rubber Tie Pads: shipped cut-to-length, and ready for easy installation   

PPI’s rubber tie pads are designed to:

  • Provide cushioning between the top of the wood or concrete tie and the bottom of the concrete panel
  • Function as membrane cells to compensate for up to 1/8” variations in the tie pad heights at installations
  • Provide a more level installation surface for the concrete panel
  • Include side wings that help maintain proper positioning during panel installation
  • Provide controlled deflection under maximum vehicular axle loadings of up to 32,000 lb/axle
  • Provide vibration dampening through the use of a rubber compound designed to absorb kinetic energy
  • Reduce transmitted vibration caused by vehicular traffic
  • Reduce transmitted vibration caused by train traffic


PDF examples of PPI's Rubber Tie Pads for both wood and concrete ties are below:


  • PPI Rubber Tie Pad (Wood) - For robust installations of wooden ties on concrete panels


  • PPI Rubber Tie Pad (Concrete) - A flexible interface between concrete ties and  panels

Installing concrete panel crossings over PPI Rubber Tie Pads  

Rubber Shim Pads

PPI also manufactures a full range of rubber shim pads that are designed to adjust concrete module height to match the rail height.


Panel Crossing Inserts

PPI carries a full range of Railseal designs and extruded profiles that are compatible with tub crossings and other pre-formed concrete, wood, or composite panels. Our designs accomodate the full range of rail fastening systems used in North America, and we custom manufacture our products to ensure they fit the crossings into which they are installed. Similar to all of our products, PPI's Panel Crossing Inserts are:

  • Customized and cut to fit all panel crossings, per customer specifications
  • Cut to custom lengths, as specified
  • Available as marked and packaged for easy delivery and installation to separate installation sites

Click the link below to view or download a PDF example of our Panel Crossing Insert.


  • PPI Panel Crossing Insert - For concrete, wood, or composite panels


Bolt-On Rail Filler Assemblies / Attached Rubber Profiles for Grade Crossing Panels

When our customers need Bolt-On Rail Filler Assemblies and Attached Rubber Profiles, they choose PPI because we manufacture these products to meet their specifications. This translates to efficient concrete panel manufacturing and minimized design time, because PPI knows our customers want to deliver to their customers. PPI's products are:

  • Easy to install
  • Available in custom lengths, cut to customer specifications
  • Manufactured with custom hole patterns, as per customer specification

PPI has hundreds of designs available, but we're always ready to work with our customers to find a customized solution to their challenges. Click the link below to view or download a PDF example of one of our many products in this category.


  • PPI Bolt-On Rail Filler Assembly / Attached Rubber Profile - One of many solutions for concrete panel crossing manufacturers


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