PPI specializes in the design and manufacture of custom rubber extrusions.CUSTOM RUBBER EXTRUSIONS


Our clients choose us because they need products customized to fit their applications, manufactured from rubber formulations they can count on. At PPI, we have over 20 years of experience in working with our clients to solve problems. Whether you require a specialized profile, exceptional material properties, or both, we can work with you to develop a product that meets your needs on a cost-effective basis.


Our experience in high-abrasion and weather-resistant applications allows us to produce useful solutions with minimal design delay. PPI was founded specifically to translate the potential of new polymer technology into specialized, engineered products that deliver maximum performance and cost-effective benefits to users.


Current Manufacturing Capabilities

An overview of our current product line for the industries we service is described in the following pages. We have many hundreds of designs for various applications, and we are always happy to recommend solutions to our clients. Please note, however, that our current extrusion capabilities are limited to the following specifications:

  • Length ​
    • All large extrusions are limited to 16’ maximum lengths, shipped coiled or as straight lengths.
    • For longer lengths, our customers have had success mounting our products end-to-end and we can supply hardware to facilitate this type of installation, where applicable.
    • All other lengths, up to 16’, can be manufactured to your specifications.
  • Cross-Sectional Limits
    • Extrusions whose cross-sections fit within an 8” x 8” square can be readily produced.
    • Extrusions with larger cross-sectional dimensions, up to 11” in diameter, may be possible, depending on the geometry.
  • Void Space
    • Longitudinal void space can be incorporated into custom designs to reduce the weight and material requirements of our custom extrusions, while still meeting performance criteria.
  • Drill, Punch, and Water-Jet Cutting
    • Mounting holes in a range of shapes can be punched, drilled or cut into cured extrusions at almost any location.

Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to working with you!